My name is Francisco Moreno and I am a passionate Videographer and Video Editor, born in Dallas and raised both in Mexico and the U.S. I grew up loving foreign & independent films. My obsession with collecting silent Russian films and my love for French cinema started in my early 20’s, when I began researching & studying films from all over the world. These films eventually became one of my biggest influences! Last year I decided to quit my job as camera operator and decided to follow my lifelong dream of starting my own video production company with the hopes of gaining the necessary experience to one day direct a major feature film. One of the highlights in my career came when I edited a documentary film for a local community leader which was premiered in December of 2012. Shortly after, I had the opportunity to film a Fashion show for Project Runway Designer James Martinez. I created this video with my love for cinema in mind. This work was very successful and it allowed me to begin my journey in the local fashion industry. And the rest is history! I am very thankful that I have the opportunity to make a living by doing what I love! Please visit my website at


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