About us

Creative Silence Studios is a full service 100% Bilingual Production Company providing services for everything starting from Weddings to Ads, Promos & Commercials for Small to Medium Businesses, Entrepreneurs, Real Estate, and any type of business.

We are experts in ENGAGING Social Media Content Production, we make Digital Marketing EASY for Instagram, Facebook, Youtube and all platforms.

We specialize in helping businesses get the attention of their ideal customer by showing high-quality, persuasive commercials on today’s biggest internet networks. The average person spends over 5 hours a day on their smartphones and over 91% of that is on 4 major networks; Facebook, Google, Instagram, & YouTube. For this reason we only focus on helping our clients gain new customers on those networks.

My work has been shown on National & International Tv Networks via Univision, Telemundo & Telehit.


I currently work full time for for Ryan Stewman aka Hardcore Closer, a best-selling author, Real Estate Investor, Blogger, Sales Coach, Motivational Speaker, Writer for Forbes, Creator of Phonesites and the LEADER of modern marketplace sales training in the Nation.

Nominated for best filmmaker at Raw: Natural Born Artists 2014.

Directed, edited & produced music video for International Grammy nominated artist from Mexico= Chetes

Directed & edited commercial for Global company based in Europe: KT Group.

Edited two documentaries for the local community leader & City Council member Anita N. Martinez.



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