Howling at the Moon or (Love letter to my Girlfriend)

As I begin to share more of my recent work, please enjoy in the meantime this video that was created as love letter to my woman.  It was a lot of fun to create this, and I am also offering this as part of a very special bundled package for weddings, for men who want to do this for their significant other.  If you like what see, please so kind to share and thank you, stay tuned for more awesome videos coming your way.

Published by creativesilencestudios

My name is Francisco Moreno and I am a passionate filmmaker and editor, born in Dallas and raised both in Mexico and the U.S. I grew up loving foreign & independent films. My obsession with collecting silent Russian films and my love for French cinema started in my early 20’s, when I began researching & studying films from all over the world. These films eventually became one of my biggest influences!

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